Some teeth can simply not be saved. When your teeth are decayed or cracked beyond restoring or you experience intense pain, an extraction may be necessary to alleviate pain and prevent infection. Dr. Sugiki is a well-trained and gentle expert you can trust for your tooth extractions.

Reasons you may need a tooth extraction

Sometimes teeth just cannot be saved. If you have advanced periodontal disease, severely decayed teeth or fractured teeth that cannot be repaired, they may require a gentle extraction. Other times, teeth may be impacted and causing problems for adjacent teeth and tissues or there is oral trauma. Dr. Sugiki is highly skilled when it comes to teeth extractions. He will help you throughout the pre-surgical planning, surgical process, and post-extraction treatment to avoid any complications and help you make the fastest recovery possible.

Why Choose Dr. Sugiki for a tooth extraction

Dr. Sugiki is here to help restore your smile - functionally and cosmetically - once your surgery is complete! You may be left with gaps of teeth that affect your eating, speech and adjacent teeth. When one or more teeth are removed, it leaves you with a domino effect where your jawbone becomes weaker since there are no teeth anchored, and adjacent teeth can become mobile and cause complications. While a tooth extraction can take away pain, you want to regain your smile with dental implants, a dental bridge or a removable appliance. Speak with Dr. Sugiki about all of your treatment options to begin your recovery.


  • Dr. Sugiki will alleviate rapid pain for a tooth that is broken or infected. Sometimes an extraction is the only viable treatment option to restore optimal dental health.
  • Some patients need tooth extractions for orthodontic reasons to help correct crowding or when a baby tooth is over-retained and an adult one grows in.
  • Wisdom teeth may be partially or fully impacted and can cause cysts, tumors, and problems for your adjacent teeth. An extraction may help avoid any long-term problems. 

Extractions FAQ

What are post-extraction care instructions?

You will be given both written and oral tooth extraction aftercare instructions. You should put pressure on the extraction site with gauze until bleeding has subsided. You should avoid spitting, rinsing, using a straw, and eating hot foods immediately after surgery. You can take over-the-counter pain medications or take the medication that has been prescribed to you.

What is a dry socket?

A dry socket is a painful condition that sometimes happens after a tooth extraction. It is when the blood clot of  the site of the socket fails to develop or dislodges before the wound is healed. It occurs in a very small percentage of people, but if you think you are experiencing a dry socket, it is important to make an appointment now.

Will a tooth extraction hurt?

Our team is skilled and prepared to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We offer nitrous oxide and local anesthetic to help you relax and avoid pain. There is often more pressure than pain when a tooth is extracted, but is usually immediately alleviated once the tooth is removed.

What does a tooth extraction cost?

Our office prides itself in offering affordable dental treatment. Dr. Sugiki Implant and Family Dentistry recognizes that all families deserve quality dental care and that is why we offer many payment options.