Dental mouth guards have been long used to help protect athletes teeth from trauma and injury. While more than 3.5 million young athletes are injured each year playing sports, you can help protect your teeth, gums, and jaw by wearing a custom athletic mouthguard.

Protect your smile with a mouthguard

A mouthguard’s purpose is to prevent injury and protect the teeth, jaw and soft tissue from a trauma. While we know sports injuries are prevalent, the ADA says 1/3 of all dental injuries are sports related. Inexpensive store mouth guards are bulky and don’t provide as much full protection as a custom mouth guard. A custom mouth guard offers significantly more protection by adapting to your teeth and offers the highest level of comfort and stability. This means it is important to invest in a product that can protect your smile long term. if Our team is here to help you protect your teeth by creating a mouthguard you feel comfortable to play, but also maintain your oral health and safety.

Care for your mouthguard is simple

A custom mouth guard will offer the most protection because it is well fitted and positioned to your mouth. You should care for it so it works properly and keeps your mouth safe. It is recommended to keep it clean after use and occasionally soak it in mouth rinse for sanitation. To avoid any distortion to the mouth guard and shape changes, protect your mouth guard from high temperatures. If you wear a mouthguard for sports or sleep frequently, check it for wear and if it looks worn, speak to Dr. Sugiki about replacement.

Benefits of MOUTH GUARDS:

  • A custom mouthguard will mold to your teeth unlike a stock mouth guard. This means it will cover the teeth and jaw properly to offer the greatest protection.
  • An athlete is more than 60 times likely to sustain an oral injury while not wearing a mouth guard. If you play any sports like hockey, football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, speak to Dr. Sugiki today about protecting your teeth!
  • Wearing a mouthguard that is improperly fitting can cause more irritation to areas of your mouth and dislodge causing potential injury to your teeth.


When do I need a mouthguard?

If you play any contact sport, you want to protect your teeth and soft tissues from injury. The mouth guard will also serve as a barrier between the lips and any appliances like braces.

What is the process to get a mouthguard?

Your visit will consist of an impression to get a mold of your teeth. A custom mouthguard will then be fabricated to your exact teeth and fit comfortably before you leave.

Can I wear a mouthguard to sleep?

Absolutely! It is important to protect your teeth from bruxism and grinding, even while sleeping to prevent wearing down enamel and stress on your joints. Speak to someone on our team today to discuss the process of getting a night guard.

What is the cost of a mouthguard?

A custom mouth guard can range from $300-$500 depending on the lab and materials. Speak to our office today about flexible payment options, including low monthly payments to help protect your smile!