Gum health is often referred to as a window to our overall health. Our experienced team is here to guide you and treat your periodontal health. Unhealthy gums can mean you may have a condition called gingivitis or periodontitis that can cause inflammation and pain. Fortunately, we are here to help restore your periodontal status!

Excellent gum care is critical to your overall health

It is well known that periodontal disease is directly related to our system health. Chronic gum inflammation is not healthy in any individual, but for those who are immunocompromised like with diabetes or heart disease, it can lead to further systemic complications. This is because the same bacteria that is found in gum disease is found in your circulatory system. The good news is that Dr. Sugiki and our team are extensively trained in treating periodontal disease.

Treatments that are key in protecting your gingival health are routine dental cleanings, scaling and root planing, and periodontal maintenance. Scaling and root planing will help eliminate bacteria that a routine cleaning cannot reach. The roots are smoothed with special instruments to help decrease any inflammation and make your mouth feel healthy again! Periodontal maintenance helps you maintain your gingival health after your treatments are complete. It allows us to evaluate your gum pockets, take digital x-rays as needed, and detect the need for any further treatment. 

Signs you may have gum disease

Gingivitis is associated with swollen and bleeding gums, bad breath, and plaque build up on teeth. The longer plaque sits on the teeth, the longer it irritates the gums and causes inflammation. Periodontitis shows the same symptoms as gingivitis, but is also usually accompanied by loose or missing teeth, painful biting and chewing, gum recession and spaces between teeth. While gingivitis is reversible with improved oral hygiene and habits, periodontitis is irreversible, but can be treated and maintained. The easiest way to prevent gum disease is to follow good oral hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day daily and flossing will ensure there is no food and plaque debris sitting on teeth overnight. Visiting Dr. Sugiki for regular visits will determine how often you require dental cleanings and if there are any other preventive measures to take.

Benefits of periodontal care

  • Gum disease stems mostly from poor oral hygiene and the accumulation of plaque on teeth. Plaque and calculus accumulations that are not treated will cause inflammation of the gums and deeper pockets filled with bacteria. Left alone, bone and tissue loss will result, ultimately leading to tooth loss. Periodontal treatment helps alleviate these problems!
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption increase your risk for periodontal disease. If you are at an increased risk, make an appointment to discuss your treatment options!
  • Periodontal care with Dr. Sugiki helps identify any other health problems you may have. Your mouth can tell a lot about your overall health, meaning your visits may help early detection of diabetes or other medical conditions.

Periodontal Care FAQ

How periodontal disease is diagnosed?

Dr. Sugiki will review your medical history to determine if there are any risk factors for periodontal disease. He will also determine if your gums are healthy from your clinical exam and dental x-rays. If you have a lot of plaque and calculus build up and your gums bleed easily, this is a good indicator of gum disease. Your hygienist will also measure your gum pocket depths, which is an important indicator of bone loss. The deeper the pocket depth (usually over 4 mm) indicates periodontitis and requires a more challenging dental treatment.

What are risk factors associated with periodontal disease?

You have an increased risk of periodontal disease with poor oral hygiene, but other factors can impact your gum health. Smoking or tobacco use and diabetes are the two greatest risk factors for periodontitis. Hormone changes from pregnancy can cause swollen gums, but they often resolve after the birth of the baby. Medications that cause dry mouth like calcium-channel blockers or anti-seizure medications can cause inflammation and gum overgrowth.

Do I need a deep cleaning or more comprehensive periodontal therapy?

If you are experiencing symptoms or haven't been to a dentist in a while you could be at higher risk for periodontal disease. If you have been diagnosed and are looking for a second opinion, book a consultation and discuss your treatment options with Dr. Sugiki.

What is the cost of periodontal care?

Periodontal care costs can vary depending on if you need a prophylaxis or a deep scaling and root planing procedure. Please call our office for a consultation to discuss our services and fees!