Cavities are a common dental issue, but fillings don’t have to be uncomfortable or painful. At Sugiki Implant and Family Dentistry, we offer state of the art filling materials to give you the most aesthetically, natural looking results!

Choose Dr. Sugiki for your dental filling

The purpose of a dental filling is to restore the natural tooth. A cavity is a decayed portion of the tooth that needs to be excavated and treated with a filling. This will help ensure stability and prevent further break down and fractures of the tooth. There are two types of fillings, composite resin (white fillings)and amalgam (silver fillings). Both have several benefits and your filling type will depend on the extent of decay, position of tooth in your mouth and cost. Amalgam fillings are made up of a mixture of metals and are exceptionally strong and durable. White fillings are composed of a BPA-free plastic that will be indistinguishable from your natural tooth. If you have a small cavity, do not be overly concerned, as Dr. Sugiki is highly trained and gentle, and here to ensure you your post-treatment smile is seamless.

Dental fillings can look as natural as your own teeth

A filling is a relatively easy treatment and our team is here to provide you with the utmost care. A dental filling usually begins with a local anesthetic so you are comfortable while the cavity part of the tooth is removed. Once the cavity is cleaned and the tooth is prepped, Dr. Sugiki will gently fill your tooth with amalgam or composite resin to restore your tooth to its natural state. There are circumstances where a white filling serves better, and vice versa. A detailed treatment plan will be discussed prior to any treatments rendered. It is our primary goal to maintain and restore your family’s dental health in a passionate, relaxing environment.


  • A white filling requires less tooth structure to be removed because it is chemically bonded. This also means less drilling is required!
  • Silver fillings are economical and proven - they have been used for over a century and tend to break down infrequently.
  • A composite resin will blend in naturally in your front teeth and give an excellent, aesthetically pleasing result.

Dental Fillings FAQ

What type of post-treatment care is required after getting a filling?

You should be able to resume normal activity soon after your appointment. If you have local anesthetic, you want to avoid eating until numbness resolves so you don’t bite your cheek or lip.

How do I know if I need a filling?

Dr. Sugiki will perform a comprehensive dental exam during your visit. If anything that feels abnormal with a dental instrument or appears to be cavitated may get an x-ray to get a more detailed look at your tooth. The type of treatment that may be recommended will depend on the extent of the decay, the location of the tooth in your mouth, and your dental insurance coverage.

Can I replace my silver fillings with white fillings?

It is important to care for your fillings so they don’t require additional treatment. Each time you need a filling replaced, a small amount of tooth structure has to be removed. We like to maintain fillings for a lifetime if possible! If you are unhappy with a silver filling, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sugiki to determine if you are a good candidate to replace a filling.

What do I do if a filling falls out?

Occasionally a filling can fall out from either an oral habit, biting into something hard, or recurrent decay. If this occurs, keep your teeth clean by brushing and rinsing with water. Call our office to make an appointment right away for a repair or new filling to avoid food debris from getting into the hole and causing more decay.

How much does a filling cost?

The cost of a filling will vary greatly depending on how large the filling is and the type of material used. At your dental consultation, our office will gladly discuss your treatment plan and any out-of-pocket costs.