You want to protect your teeth from cavities, but like many of us, you crave sweet snacks and beverages. We all slip once and awhile and consume more sugar than we should, but how can we prevent cavities? Our experienced team is happy to help you prevent cavities with a simple fluoride treatment.

benefits from a fluoride treatment

Dental fluoride may be one of the easiest and safest ways to protect our teeth from developing cavities. Fluoride has several benefits to our oral health because it helps strengthen tooth enamel and remineralize tooth structure to prevent the development of cavities. Many of us are more prone to cavities if we have poor oral hygiene, a high sugar diet or medications that make our teeth susceptible to breaking down. A fluoride treatment is a quick and simple procedure that involves the application of fluoride in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam. It is applied directly into the tooth to form a protective later. You may be asked to avoid hot foods or rinsing for a short period of time, but you will have helped restore your teeth to optimal health!

Help prevent cavities with a fluoride treatment

Most pediatric patients are excellent candidates for a fluoride treatment because it will help strengthen the enamel of their baby and permanent teeth. Some younger patients and teens may not be the best at brushing and flossing and need extra protection against cavities. But, there is no age limit to who would benefit from a fluoride treatment. If you are in orthodontic treatment, have poor oral hygiene and are prone to cavities, or are undergoing any type of radiation treatment, speak with our office today about scheduling a simple fluoride treatment to give your teeth the extra level of protection you deserve.


  • You can normally receive a fluoride treatment with other procedures and treatments in our office!
  • Fluoride treatment is non-invasive, simple, and affordable to help re-mineralize any susceptible teeth to cavities.
  • A fluoride treatment will make your teeth stronger and resistant to acids that break down enamel and create cavities.


Is fluoride safe for my child?

Like anything else, including vitamins, skin products or hair products, they should be used as directed. Fluoride is a safe

What happens during the treatment process?

During your hygiene appointment, your teeth will be cleaned and dried so fluoride can work properly. A clear liquid varnish will be applied to coat your teeth. You will be instructed to avoid eating for only a short period of time!

Does fluoride treatments help for sensitivity?

Absolutely! It is well known that a fluoride treatment can benefit patients who have tooth or root sensitivity. Fluoride will help strengthen enamel and block dentin tubules that may cause us to have sensitivity.

How much does a fluoride treatment cost?

Fluoride treatment is a great, affordable option to help prevent cavities. Speak to our office about your dental coverage of fluoride treatment for you and your family.